Don’t leave it too late!

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It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog and I’m in danger of repeating Ruby Murray and the absent blogpost writer!

Readers are still leaving lovely reviews for Cabbage and Semolina and it’s very pleasing to know that so many people have enjoyed reading my book. There’s also a great review of Cabbage and Semolina on a blog called Georgia Rose Books. Georgia Rose is the author of The Grayson Trilogy, a romance thriller fusion and an enjoyable summer holiday read. I was delighted to read Georgia’s review of my book and am honoured to be included in her collection of books that she’s enjoyed reading.

At the end of Cabbage and Semolina I wrote:

Thank you for reading Cabbage and Semolina. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my memories whether you’re of the same generation as me or older or younger. And I hope I’ve inspired you to record and share some of your own memories too. Don’t leave it too late; you never know what’s round the corner.

And my experiences in the last couple of months have made that last sentence ring out loud and true. Today I’m not just talking about recording your memories. I mean don’t leave it too late for whatever it is in life that you want to experience or accomplish. You definitely don’t know what’s round the corner!

This morning I went for a pre-treatment assessment for chemotherapy. Two months ago I was a fit and healthy sixty-something year old. During the last eight weeks I’ve been in A&E at my local District hospital and spent a few days in the same hospital being scanned and tested before a transfer to the specialist regional hospital for more scans and more tests. And now I find myself back at the District hospital about to embark on twenty four weeks of chemotherapy.

This might be a shock for you to read and believe me it’s been a shock for me and my nearest and dearest to start to understand. I’ve received considerable support from the Macmillan nurses at the local hospital who’ve provided plenty of supportive booklets, a very informative website and lots of personalised advice. One thing I read was that some people are helped to live with cancer by writing about their experiences. One suggestion was to write a blog and as I’ve already got a blog and I enjoy blogpost writing I’m going to try that too. I’ll tell you more another day but meanwhile I need to get ready for tomorrow and get some new books onto my Kindle – it’s going to be a long day!

After my diagnosis someone asked me if I had a bucket list and I was pleased to say I didn’t. I haven’t got any burning desire to go bungee jumping, travel across the Sahara or learn how to shear a sheep. But if you have, then my advice is to get on with it! Don’t put it off and then find out that it’s too late to translate your great ambition into action: just go for it! (Cash or overdraft permitting, of course.) What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Don’t leave it too late!

  1. An inspiring post, Cathy – thank you. I hope the treatment goes really well and I look forward to reading your future blog posts.

    Congratulations on the wonderful success your memoir Cabbage and Semolina is enjoying – such a great read!

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  2. I know that the phrase ‘carpe diem’ has been used ad nauseum (oops, having a bit of a Latin day) but it says it all, really. None of us knows what the future holds and I am a great believer in doing all the things one likes, while one is able. So sorry to hear about your health problems, Cathy. I hope that your treatment isn;t too exhausting and that you make a full recovery. Keep blogging and keep us up to date . . . Much love, Lizzie xx

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