radio-777219_1280Just like everyone else in the 1950s we had a radio that was encased in a large wooden box with a few dials on the front and a circle of fine lattice-work mesh over the speaker.

The dials were to tune the radio and the station choices were BBC, BBC and BBC: The Light Programme, The Home Service and the Third Programme.

In the afternoon we had “Listen with Mother” with Daphne Oxenford and the never to be forgotten “Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin”. We listened to “Children’s Hour” at tea-time featuring Larry the Lamb and Toytown.

And then “The News”.

On Sunday it was “Two Way Family Favourites” with record requests between people at home and their relatives abroad in the British Army. BFPO40 seemed a very popular address.

“Mrs Dale’s Diary” and “Woman’s Hour” were our mother’s favourites although our dad preferred the Third Programme which was more highbrow.

The radio was known as “The Wireless” even though you had to plug the wires into the electric socket in the wall. Quite often it crackled with interference and you had to turn it off.

If you tuned the dials away from the BBC sometimes you got a voice in an unknown language but usually it was just a high pitched wail.

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