Random Conversations with Strangers

blog-793047_1280In addition to this blog I have five other blogs for various interests. I enjoy writing my blogs and it’s great whenever a reader leaves a comment or shares a post with their family, friends or followers on Twitter or Facebook.

On social media I use Twitter almost every day and Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus occasionally.

All the other social media sites have passed me by.

I read somewhere that Twitter is planning to extend the length of tweets. I hope they don’t: the brevity is the great attraction.

I enjoy Twitter.

It’s a bit like standing at a bus queue in the 1970s: random conversations with strangers for fleeting moments while disparate segments of life pass by.

There’s some interesting data on the website of the Office for National Statistics.

The survey analyses Internet use and tracks the data over time.

88% of adults in the UK (45.9 million) used the Internet in the early months of 2016 compared with 86% in 2015.

Although the over 55s continue to make less use of the Internet than their younger family and friends, the gap is diminishing. Amongst retired people Internet use has increased by almost 20% since 2011.

There are still over 5 million people in the UK who never use the Internet and half of them are in the over 75s age group.

However, amongst women aged over 75 Internet use has risen by 169% from 2011.

Looking at Twitter, there’s some interesting data from the final months of 2016 on the Statistics Portal website. In the final quarter of 2016, 319 million users were active on Twitter each month. Wow! That’s a lot of people I haven’t met yet!

There’s some interesting data on the Pew Research Centre website. This data appears to be the source for all the other websites that share demographic information about social media usage.  24% of adults who go online use Twitter but users are predominantly under 50.

59% 18 – 49 years

21% 50 – 64 years

10% over 65 years.

This data is for USA but I would imagine it  would be the same in the UK with maybe even fewer Twitter users over 65. I’m only guessing but I don’t personally know any babyboomer Tweeters. How about you?

Although as far as Internet shopping goes, the over 55s aka ‘digiboomers’ are set to dominate as online shopping customers according to research commissioned by greenlightdigital. 

Within the next decade, the over 55’s will account for over two-thirds of all retail activity and more than a third of the population.

In a 2015 survey the 55+ market was estimated to spend £14.45 billion online. More than three quarters (76%) of the digiboomers surveyed shop online at least once a month with many shopping online every week.

Digiboomers were spending on books and magazines (76%), clothing and accessories (74%), CDs and DVDs (66%), small appliances and houseware (61%) and consumer electronics (60%).

I conform to most of these spending patterns. I shop online every week, sometimes more than once. In the last six months I’ve made nearly all my purchases online apart from food, clothes and magazines. Although I have had the occasional online supermarket shop. For some reason that doesn’t seem to have been included in the survey.

Anyway, whether you’re a digiboomer or not, thanks for reading my blog today. My account is @spurwing_ if you’d like to join me on Twitter. I usually followback unless you’re one of those accounts that sells porn or Twitter followers by the bucketload.

Have a great day!











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